Student Wellbeing refers to the students’ physical, social and emotional development

The wellbeing of students, staff, and families is paramount to everything we do at St. Therese’s. Gospel Values, in particular forgiveness, honesty and compassion are modeled through words and actions. 

We understand that in order for a child to thrive academically, their social and emotional needs must also be met. We aim to do this through our daily interactions, forming positive relationships with students and partnerships with parents. 

As a learning community, we value the uniqueness, potential, and diversity of all members of our school. We are especially mindful of our most vulnerable students, including those who may require additional support to assist them to achieve their full learning potential. 

First Aid

St Therese’s Primary School is committed to providing an effective system of first aid management to respond immediately and protect the health, safety and welfare of all school community members including students, parents, staff members, contractors & visitors. 

The school has a designated First Aid Officer who is responsible for the upkeep of all documentation. 

When a student visits the First Aid room details are documented on SIMON via an iPad kept in the First Aid room. This automatically notifies parents that their child has visited sick bay. Parents are always notified by phone for any serious accidents or if a child becomes ill. This includes any type of head injury.

Medications can only be administered by school personal if the medication request form has been completed and signed by a parent. For prescription medications, a doctor’s note is required and the medication must be in the original packaging. Any over the counter medications must be in the original packaging and can only be administered with signed consent from the parent. School staff may refuse to give medication to a child if the medication is not in the original packaging and the dosage required by the parent is not in accordance with the directions on the packet or contrary to the doctor's instructions

Any child who is asthmatic, diabetic or anaphylactic must have an up to date management plan to be provided to the school prior to each school year. Epi-pens, asthma medication and diabetic testing kits are provided by the parents of the child.