Enrolment Enquiry

Call the office on 59967525 to book a personalised tour

Enrolment forms can be emailed to the school at enrolment@sttcbourne.catholic.edu.au

Families are welcome to contact the school any time to discuss the enrolment of their child and book a tour.

Once an enrolment form has been received, a structured interview with parents/guardians and the student will take place with the Principal. The purpose of this interview is to gather information to determine the student's educational needs. If a student was previously enrolled in a school interstate, the school uses the Interstate Student Data Transfer Note (ISDTN) to collect additional information.

Please refer to the policies attached for more information and in particular the Enrolment Handbook which includes Frequently Asked Questions.

Enrolment Criteria

  1. Children baptised as Catholics and siblings of children already attending the school
  2. Catholic children who are members of the St Agatha's Parish, Cranbourne and within our designated zone
  3. Catholic children from non-Catholic primary schools whose residential address is in the designated zone within the St Agatha's Parish
  4. Catholic children who reside in other parishes and who could have gained enrolment in their parish school
  5. Children from families who belong to any Orthodox Church
  6. Non-Catholic families seeking a Catholic education for their child/ren

The catchment area (or zone) for St Therese's is presently those families within the St Agatha's Parish boundaries living north of Camms Road and north of Thompsons Road.

We look forward to welcoming youfamily to St Therese's School