Enrolment Enquiry


Call the office on 59967525 to book a personalised tour

  • Parents and students wishing to enrol will be interviewed by the Principal

  • The special needs of students shall be taken into account on an individual basis.  The Principal will assess the school’s capacity to provide adequate staffing resources and facilities to ensure that the school can provide effective teaching for the special needs of the students.  The school will comply with the relevant Australian and Victorian Government legislation when considering the enrolment of a child with additional learning needs in a Catholic school

  • By law, children must turn five by April 30, of their first year of school.  The Children Under Minimum Age Enrolment policy is to be referred to when parents seek enrolment for children of a younger age

  • Students who meet the enrolment criteria and have turned five by April 30, of their first year of school, will not be excluded from enrolment

  • Students of other Faiths will be considered for enrolment provided it does not result in the exclusion of Catholic students.  The parents of these students will be required to give an understanding that they will respect the life, nature, and identity of the school.  Once enrolled these students will have the right to complete their Primary education at the school

  • Students of other Faiths will be expected to participate fully in all aspects of school life

  • All prospective students will be required to demonstrate that they have received required immunisation, or have necessary documentation stating why they have not participated in the program

  • All information gathered during the enrolment process will be maintained according to the Privacy Act

  • Distribution of families between the two Parish Primary schools necessitates the establishment of a catchment area per school, within the parish boundaries. Children will not be accepted from outside St Therese’s boundary area, unless they are outside the Parish boundaries, or have been granted an exemption

Priority of placement following the criteria

  • Siblings of current students
  • Catholic children living within the school's zone
  • Children of other faith denominations who live within the school's zone and who are supportive of the teachings of the Catholic traditions
  • Children who reside outside the zone and are unable to secure enrolment at the closest Catholic school. This is only after communications between both principals.

Families are welcome to contact the school any time to discuss the enrolment of their child and book a tour.