Extra Curricular Activities

Taiko Drumming

Taiko is an ancient Japanese form of percussion using large drums. During the 1900's, Taiko drumming became a musical art form that involved a music ensemble and tightly choreographed movements. This is taiko as we know it today.

One of taiko's most defining aspects is its dynamic playing style. Taiko playing is loud, hard, and fast, and involves a lot of choreographed movement which many identify with Japanese martial arts.

Students from Years 3-6 form a Japanese drumming group called Wadaiko Tenshi (drumming angels). They are led by our Japanese teacher and often perform at events such as the Box Hill Japanese Festival.


KidzRock is a music program that is offered to the children of St Therese’s program. It involves private or small group lessons where children learn guitar or keyboard. Groups run during school time with qualified music instructors.

Each year, a concert is held to showcase the accomplishments of the children who take part in these extra-curricular activities. Fees for Kidzrock are separate from school fees.