The wellbeing of students, staff and families is paramount to everything we do at St. Therese’s. Gospel Values are embedded in all we do and forgiveness, honesty and compassion are modelled and expected by all members of our learning community. We value the uniqueness, potential and diversity of all members of our school.

Students who have additional learning needs are supported through Parent Support Group Meetings (PSG) and Individual Education Plans (IEP).

Our Policies

Play Is The Way

At St Therese’s we understand that a decline in mental health of our young people is a very real issue and we believe very strongly in ensuring each student is provided with opportunities to develop a positive and healthy attitude towards learning and life. Play is the Way is a whole school program used to teach social and emotional skills in students from Foundation to Year Six. Each week, classes enjoy playing games designed to explicitly teach real life skills that assist with navigating friendships, having a growth mindset and good manners.

Seasons for Growth

Students who have experienced grief and loss are invited to participate in a Seasons for Growth group led by a qualified instructor. Seasons for Growth programs help students understand the experiences of change, loss and grief and how these can impact on a student’s life. The programs also support the development of communication, decision making and problem solving skills.