Vision Statement

At St Therese’s Catholic community we envisage a school where…

  • each individual’s personal relationship with Jesus is being nurtured within the tradition of a Catholic community that is prayerful, accepting and loving.
  • the well being of each member of our community is flourishing in a nurturing environment, where positive relationships are valued and the dignity and talents of individuals is respected.
  • we are successful learners. Our school is a safe, harmonious and engaging learning environment. Everyone works together cooperatively and is responsible for their learning.

Mission Statement

St Therese’s Primary School is a Catholic primary school for the children of St Agatha’s Parish, Cranbourne. Our staff is committed to the evangelizing mission of the Parish and to the spiritual tradition of St Therese’s of Lisieux.

Inspired by Therese’s belief that even the smallest act of love is large in the eyes of Jesus and her commitment to do the simple things extraordinarily well, our school is committed to valuing young people and their development as persons with a lifelong love of learning.

The school undertakes to nurture in the students their cognitive, affective and spiritual development, to enable them to find God in all things, to enable them to live out their vocation in life according to God’s plan and the variety of their gifts and to encourage them to serve others with an understanding of Therese’s words: “It is love alone that matters” St Therese of Lisieux.