St Therese’s is a Catholic Primary School in the Parish of St Agatha’s, which is a community of faith based on a belief in God and a Christian way of life. As members of this community we strive to welcome those of our own and other traditions. Priority of enrolment must be baptised Catholic children residing within the parish boundaries. Enrolment of a child is dependent upon the capacity of the school to adequately provide for the educational need of the child. If additional places are available, in consultation with the Parish Priest, the following priorities apply:

  • Baptised Catholic children from outside the school boundary, for pastoral reasons.
  • Orthodox children living within the Parish boundaries.
  • Christian children of other denominations whose parents demonstrate a positive commitment to the Catholic ethos.

All children must turn 5 years of age prior to the 30th day of April in the year in which the child commences school.

Our Policies